The selected rules for bringing more money into your life…

You can’t ignore this fact – money has the pre-dominance on your existence than any other belonging you yearn for. Undoubtedly, the unforeseen trouble in the area of finance affects your frame of mind towards everything you believe. The understanding of money is most decisive factor in achieving the abundance but few of us have really considered as worth noticing. It’s just being conscious of what we seek and admire it fully to bring it in our life, matters at the end of the day.

The widely mistaken belief about the money is about  its significance.  Do you still feel that “money isn’t everything” or’ money isn’t so important”. Well, unfortunately love will not pay your bills, money will. Realistically, you can’t reject the importance of  money to anyone living in a community. Hence giving valid reasons for the non significance of money is really irrational.

Since you have acknowledged this as if now- as a matter of fact- Money is not good or bad, it’s what you do with the money is bad. You have seen many people with fallen into this set up leading to their disaster even they have the superior understanding in their area of ability. Though lucky breaks related to financial opportunity does matters but at the end of the day, for a common person it’s the result of value you are adding which is in fact gained by you. It’s the monetary worth your life has added to someone identity.

Money is only relevant when it is useful for someone or something. It is meaningless as the piece of paper if it is not in circulation.  – Money hates being stagnant

Visualize yourself as wealthy people exactly the way you  desire .Imagine the conditions that is making you feel rich. You might seem awkward creating situations in mind but this is stage where you have to believe that you are wealthy too. Unless you are not comfortable with the idea of being wealthy, how can you expect yourself being  magnet of attracting abundance through financial means? You must be in congruence with  the prosperity mindset before the alignment starts to tilt in your favor. Does it make sense to you?

Every time if you believe money is root of all sufferings etc, how can you allow the mind-set to get ready for attracting wealth in your life?  Every time if you push someone with your thought through hate, or curse…Will you expect them to welcome if they comes around you? You should have the understanding of believing about the money before it comes to bring fulfillment in life.

It is quite confusing process but let me re -assure you…Unless you don’t allow your subconscious self to accept the conditions suitable for financial abundance, it will not stay long. Have you seen why majority of lottery winners goes bankrupt within years of windfalls in their lifetime?

Notes- If you want to make wealth, don’t worry about it. As worry will not solve your challenges.Doing something about it does.

If you want to see what God thinks of money, just look at all the people He gave it to.-Dorothy Parke


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